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Hello Ekaterina and Andrey,

i just wanted to say thank you for the document, that was translated by your agency into Ukrainian. The quality was VERY GOOD! Please stay in touch with the translator, who did it :) ! I hope to ask you about further translations soon! :)


Logrus Localization Alliance (LLA)

The Logrus Localization Alliance (LLA) is our solution for multilingual localization projects. LLA is a network of leading Single-Language and Multi-Lingual vendors (SLVs and MLVs) created on the basis of regional and/or language coverage and centered around Logrus as the LLA Authority.

LLA's mission is to provide efficient multilingual localization solutions based on the optimal combination of centralized and distributed tasks and services. The localization industry employs several different approaches for accomplishing multilingual localization projects. While the major objective of any localization project is getting Good Quality On Time, Within the Budget and with Minimal Overhead on the client side, in the real world achieving an optimal balance between quality requirements, scheduling constraints and pricing limitations is often tricky. Experienced customers know all too well that the aforementioned success factors mentioned are often perceived as conflicting, which leads to the concept of the so-called "invariable total", where, say, lowering the cost means an imminent drop in quality, etc.
In our view, many existing solutions on the market are far from optimal. This has made us come forward with an alternative approach. We think that LLA provides a unique combination of strengths and advantages and is a good choice for educated customers looking for a complete, one-stop-shopping multilingual localization solution seamlessly combining quality and affordability.
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